Young Living Global Farms


Young Living built its succes because they are not profit driven; they are purpose driven. The company has honest and high values and attracts members and distributors that share the same energy. You may have heard 'like attracts like' and it's very much so energetically. 


Gary Young and his wife Mary,  founded the company in 1994 starting with a single lavender farm in the mountains of Idaho. They seeded the farm with seeds from France. These days Young Living has farms and partner farms all over the world, and are the largest producer of therapeutic-grade essential oils in the world. 

Young Living offers one the largest ranges of single essential oils and blends  in the world including 80 single oils and over 80 blends, many are unique essential oils.

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Every year Young Living ship millions of bottles of their beautiful vibrational essential oils to over 100 countries worldwide.

Young Living Purpose

Young Living is a universally known, household name that is revered and respected for the countless benefits it brings to humanity. Propelled by the world’s purest essential oils and oil-infused products, along with our passionate commitment to empowering individuals to whole-life wellness, we champion the modern essential oil movement. A global, purpose-driven wellness revolution is underway, and Young Living leads the charge.

Young Living Vision

To bring Young Living Essential Oils to every home in the world

Young Living Mission

We honor our stewardship to champion nature’s living energy, essential oils, by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.


Network marketing or "MLM" has been something that has made me run a mile in the past. I never once thought I'd joining a company that distributes products this way. There is so much negativity relating Network Marketing. You can read more about why I joined on my bio. I will say this though, I was not approached by my upliner to join. In fact, she didn't even know I existed until I joined up. That's how impressed I was when I discovered Young Living, I finally found a product that resonated with my soul and I wanted to be part of it. 


To become a distributor please contact me or click here. I will help you all the way with your marketing, and teach you the many skills I have since marketing online since 2004.


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