By Debbie Carr and Mars Solar (aka Gary Steven Doran)

In my life, since the age of four, I have always asked “Who Am I?” and there have been maybe four times in my life when I have been catapulted into an extraordinary spiritual growth, almost like a ‘fast forward’. At time of writing this, it is June 2015 and I am going through one of those times now. Some incredible things have been happening, including this blog, even though I am not posting on every day, is ranking faster on Google Analytics than any of my others. I have been given message, after message that this blog is important to me and to others. 


When Gary died, we were in the middle of writing a children’s book, I was the author he, the artist, which he wanted to call “The Dream Medallion”. I had taken what Gary and I had planned and wrote the manuscript, but after his death I put it down. I hid it, I couldn't bring myself to read it. 


However, I was not to know that a dear friend of mine, Ron Lee, had kept a copy of this manuscript and gave it to me about two months ago. I have kept, too scared or too emotional to read it. Until tonight, 15.6.2015, after so many ‘signs’ told me to pick it up.

I have cried tonight reading the story, I can’t even remember writing most of the words, yet this has brought back to me my life purpose so I am going to publish this manuscript, word for word, in posts with the tag “The Dream Medallion” and dedicate a page to this book on this site. And when I get to the end of what I have already written, I will continue to write it on this blog, and invite other like-minded people to help me finish it by writing in the comments. 


NOTE: At Gary’s funeral I read his Eulogy in perfect composure and I promised him “I will publish this book, dear brother” ….so I for the world to read.


All words from here ** to *** are the original manuscript without any alternation as I have re-typed it here in this blog. I am not sure the exact date we wrote these words together, I am thinking around 1997. I have not changed any of the original manuscript.


Let the story begin…………



This book was written after the suicide of my brother; Gary Steven Doran (Mars Solar). We had been working on it for over a year before his death. There were more illustrations to come however I have decided to finish it anyway.


Inside this book is a fictional story, but it has a deep spiritual meaning. Read it carefully for these are things that I have come to learn on my own spiritual journey. Life is to be lived; live every minute as if it were your last.


Live not only for yourself, but for others.


Footenote: Thank you Ron for keeping this all these years and giving it back to me when the time was right.


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