Why Certain Numbers Keep Appearing

Why certain numbers keep appearing.

Have you ever noticed that a combination of numbers frequently appear? For instance you always look at the watch and it says something like 1210? Then you might see that combination again on a sign, on a number plate and literally everywhere? Well that happens to be my number, I see 1210 all the time to the point of it being almost freaky.

I decided to see if there was any literature on numbers appearing frequently and what it means. I came across a website with Angel Numbers, and found 1210. I found it interesting because the author says that it's a reminder for me to always think positive, and whatever you think you attract. Mostly when I do come across 1210 it brings me right back to grounding myself and being aware of what I'm thinking.

The number also is a reminder that I need to serve my Divine Purpose and Soul Mission. In other words, to keep on my path.

Every time I see 1210, I actually make the effort to stop what I'm doing and just ground myself and remember what I'm projecting from my thoughts and feelings and what it is in life I want to achieve.

Update September 2017

Since first writing this post, the number 1210 is so prominent in my life I can't even begin to tell you. I always seem to look at the time on my laptop at exactly 1210 and it still continues to ground me, to stop and think about what it is I want to manifest or where my thoughts are at that time.

I am going through, what I believe, to be my biggest spiritual awaking at the moment. I've been on a spiritual path for thirty years but this is the most incredible time of my life right now.

Why certain numbers keep appearing

I've really been super careful with what I'm putting into my body, I'm exercising more, doing yoga twice a day and meditating. The biggest drive though is this blog, The Jasmine in the Forest, and it all goes back to that day I was riding my bike when I was told I had to write a book with that title. As it turns out, that book got lost on my computer so this blog was born.

Even though I have another blog, which is very successful called Sydney Chic, it is this blog that seems to be the one my Higher Self keeps pushing to grow. It's hard for me to explain the signs and 'how' it feels, it's just something that I know. Yesterday, I had this incredible feeling I was close to "the Source" and I mentally asked for a sign that this was to be my true path (this blog). The words 'you need to trust me, I'm sending you a sign' came in my head and of course I wondered if I made that up. This morning I woke up and received an email that I had won a small amount in the Lotto $12.10 - my number! I started to laugh because I truly felt it was my sign. At the time of writing I feel something big and wonderful is going to happen to me so let's see what turns out there.

I truly believe if certain numbers keep appearing it's worth noting what is going on in your head and life each time they pop up - just stop and think and who knows it may be a sign of some sort.

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