When we lose our selfishness, we gain.

When you take the ‘what's in it for me’ out of business and think about how you serve others by what you do, that is when things fall into place. Ask yourself this question: how do I serve others? And when you ask that question, don’t think about just the service you provide, think about the benefits it gives to your clients. By contributing to making their life better then your business has heart and purpose and it will thrive.

That's the secret to life in everything we do. It's when we lose our selfishness, we gain. I always try to remember what my purpose is. Even if it’s simply sharing a social media post on a charity, by doing that I am contributing and expect nothing back in return.

For example, I am often asked to write about or attend an event for a charity or community cause. To be honest, it doesn't always suit my schedule and often I don't want to, but when I look at how my small contribution may help someone else, then I do it without complaining and with good vibes.

Being mindful of what you are contributing by what you do, instead of thinking about the benefits to you i.e. making money, changes your whole vibration, and we all know good vibes attract good things.