When Sick Children Need Transport to Hospital

Photo: Charlie in her seat on the jet

I remember years ago when my youngest daughter, Grace, was just a baby. She had a bit of a rough time with Kidney Reflux, a Bacterial infection and even Scarlett Fever. We had numerous ambulance trips and the most harrowing for me was when they took my baby away for a lumber puncture. They were scary times for new mum.

Once, when Grace was in hospital my husband took his turn in sitting with her whilst I drove the 45 minutes home to have a shower and rest. On my way back to the hospital I was on the highway on the inside of a huge semi trailer. I remember this to this day, like it was in slow motion.... the driver of the truck started to change lanes and he didn't see me. The truck kept coming and I distinctly remember thinking my little baby is in hospital and her mother is about to die. Luckily, I was able to steer on to the verge of the road, stop the car and gather myself. For those few seconds, time had stopped and all I can remember is thinking about Grace in hospital and her mother – dead. Even typing this I get a tightness in my chest when I recall it.

Luckily, for us, our child grew up to be a strong fabulous woman. I feel blessed to two beautiful daughters, now in their 20's that have survived childhood.

Some parents are not so lucky.