When Journalists Are So Selfish They Think Only About Their Fame

Hope For Living

I often wonder what is wrong with people on this planet? What I mean by that is; why do some people never consider others? Why do some people never think about how their behaviour affects others? What sort of person goes out to destroy another person's life?

In particular we seem to be living in an age now that there is no respect or privacy for anyone when it comes to online or news. These days we are subjected to photos of murders, terrorism, victims of bombs, nudity, and the list goes on. Everyone is a 'reporter' filming on their iPhones in the hope they will become online famous and go viral.

This month I had a first-hand experience with such nastiness. I was covering a story for my blog, Sydney Chic, on a beauty treatment by Dr Pico. This is laser treatment that can remove tattoos and rejuvenate skin. I was having the skin rejuvenation. As I sat in the clinic for my second treatment, without warning, a journalist and camera crew trespassed onto the premises. I was shocked.

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