Walking And Nature Is My Meditation

Photo: My daughter and her dog Bundy (swimming).

I live in a highly built up area in Sydney, very near the notorious Kings Cross. It's probably not the ideal place for someone who loves nature and peace and quiet, however I have to take the good with the bad, and the good is it's extremely convenient for my lifestyle.

Photo: Dad's backyard

Lucky for me, I have family up in the beautiful NSW Mid North Coast. I can come and stay with dad on his country property anytime I feel like it, and likewise, with my daughter who lives in a beautiful little town about 12 minutes drive away from dad. My visits here are what ground me and give me downtime and headspace. As I type this now, I'm sitting by the window, listening to the birds, looking at the greenery, watching kangaroos and wallaby's and soaking in the fresh air. It's just so peaceful. The days here seem to go on forever so I know I'm really relaxing.

Photo: Black Head Beach NSW

What I love about the NSW Mid North Coast is that there are plenty of beaches. I've been driving to the beach every day whilst here and taking long walks on the beach, and in the beautiful nature tracks that lead from it. I've also been walking to the private jetty that belongs to the estate that my dad lives on. Sometimes I do this twice a day. I do it because walking is my meditation and to be able to be alone, on a dirt track and then go and sit on a beautiful jetty, dangling your toes in the river is serene.

I've always found that walking is the one of the most uplifting things to do, especially along the beach or in nature.

Photo: Gum Tree on the walk to the river

On the estate where dad lives there is National Park surrounding it, so walking down to the river I'm surrounded by the most beautiful trees and wildlife. The photos in this post were all taken by me on my walks. When I do go down the jetty it's the most amazing surreal, quiet and perfect spot to calm my mind.

I'd love to hear what you do for meditation or time out.

Photo: The jetty down by the river

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