Using Essential Oils To Promote Chakra Health

Updated: Jul 8, 2020


How to activate your chakras

Chakras are coloured energy centres located throughout the body, guiding the flow of energy and vitality. The major chakras are located along the spine, each of which corresponds to a major nerve plexus, key emotions and a spiritual life lesson. Chakras help guide us with important lessons that life's challenges offer us, and to find meaning in them to restore balance with wisdom and self mastery.

Blocked chakras, which slow down the flow of energy, may cause a person to get angry for no reason, be afraid, unsure of themselves, lack self-confidence, be unhappy without a direct understood reason or have a negative outlook on life.

There are many ways to help balance your chakras especially with meditation and visualisation. Another way is by utilising essential oils, either by applying them onto the specific chakra areas, diffusing them near yourself or inhaling the aroma from the bottle. Below are the seven main Chakras with ways to unblock them utilising visualization, a yoga pose and Young Living essential oils special blends.

Note: Please do not apply undiluted oils directly on skin and never ingest them.