Two Carb Controlled Soups To Warm You Up In Colder Weather

Atkins have sent me a couple of carb controlled soups to share with my readers and a few tips on keeping weight off in winter.

According to Atkins, just a few simple swaps can help keep you on the right track:

  • Don’t give up exercise because it’s cold and wet outside – swap outdoor boot camp for indoor swimming laps, join a social team to play netball or basketball, or hit the treadmill

  • Trade hot potato chips for oven-baked pumpkin chips; make your own pizza crusts from cauliflower, egg and grated cheese; use low-carb pasta or make zucchini strings instead of traditional pasta; enjoy cauliflower rice rather than fried rice; and replace the noodles in stir-fries with extra veggies

  • Start following an Atkins style eating plan, low in carbs and protein rich with plenty of natural fats to keep you satisfied longer.

  • Keep tasty carb-controlled snacks handy rather than giving in to conventional chocolate bar cravings

  • Plan your meals ahead and cook up delicious soups and stews on the weekend so you’re not tempted to toss your good habits aside for last-minute takeaways which are responsible for plenty of extra pounds during winter – the time of year

  • Drink plenty of water – often when we think we’re hungry we’re actually thirsty and it’s easy to forget about hydration during the colder months

Atkins Diet