Turn Your Plastic Bottles Into Self Watering Plant Containers

Turn Your Plastic Bottles Into Self Watering Plant Containers

Maybe in another 50 years, plastic bottles will no longer be manufactured. Plastic bottles are not sustainable. Yes, we can recycle plastic bottles; however, have you ever thought of upcycling your plastic bottles? Our goals should always be reduce and reuse * whenever possible, even if it takes a little more effort.

I have found a fun way to upcycle plastic bottles by transforming them into self-watering plant containers. Not only does it put the bottle to good use, these containers are fun to make, and they also provide you with herbs, flowers and whatever else takes your fancy.

All my adult life, I have been a keen gardener. I am currently living in an apartment with three balconies, and that is fortunate as I love my plants. I also love to grow from seeds and propagate. With these cute plant containers, you will be able to have a windowsill filled with beautiful home-grown plants. And, even if you consider yourself a person who can't grow anything, think again because these little beauties are self-watering.

You will need:

  • Sharp knife to cut the plastic

  • Plastic bottles (washed)

  • String

  • Hessian

  • Craft glue

  • Pebbles

  • Potting Mix

  • Seeds or seedlings

Step One:

Carefully cut plastic bottle as shown. Note the top of the bottle will be where you add the soil and seedlings. It will fit inside the bottom of the bottle facing downwards.

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