Turmeric Lattes for Health Reasons

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Turmeric Lattes

The thought of having Turmeric Latte for health reasons was so foreign to me I had no intention of ever trying one. It's funny how we can place a thought into our heads that we would not like something and therefore never even try it. When I had my most recent Crohn's Disease flare up I knew that Turmeric was really good for inflammation, however I was taking it by mixing it with some water and to be honest it was blah!

The thought crossed my mind that I would try and create a Turmeric Latte so I mixed together some turmeric powder, fresh ginger, black pepper and a little honey and heated it with Almond Milk. Still quite blah!

I then stumbled across Alchemy Golden Turmeric Elixir and it actually looked good in the bottle. I wondered if I should both spending the money and if it would taste as good as it looks in a latte? So I did. And I was glad I did. That's my bottle below and as you can see I'm getting near the end of it. Yes! I discovered that Turmeric Lattes are actually rather delicious and good for health.