Turmeric Active Super Blend For Good Health

Turmeric is an anti inflammatory herb used to treat joint pain, arthritis, bloating and gut problems. See more here.

Having Crohn's disease, I have used Turmeric capsules to help relieve inflammation on flare ups. I'm lucky, my flare ups have been rare since my diagnosis in 1999.

I've come across a fabulous product; Turmeric Active. I'm pleased to have found this potent powder rather than the capsules.

Drinking a glass of Turmeric Active in the morning makes me feel great. I like it because, mixed with the orange juice, Turmeric Active tastes great and I know it is doing me good.

The power of in this unique turmeric extract is in the amount of the active ingredient Curcumin. Each serve contains 18,000mg of Turmeric root, by far the highest amount on the market.

Turmeric Active

Turmeric Active contains Zinc (40% daily recommended) and Galangal. Galangal is excellent for improved vitality and mental alertness. 3000mg of Galangal per serve gives your body a great non-caffeine boost. The powder also contains effective prebiotic fibre which counts towards 25% of your daily fibre intake. Prebiotic fibre is essential for a healthy digestive system. It feeds the good bacteria in your gut.

With Black Pepper for super-charged bio-absorption plus Manuka honey and lemon, Turmeric Active is easy to consume and resides in the bloodstream longer for maximum effectiveness.

Of course consult your doctor if you have an illness prior to starting any other treatment including herbal. Find out more at