Tips on Using Essential Oils

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Essential oils have many uses and as you get to understand and love them you will find many different ways to utilise these amazing gifts of nature. It is important to use high quality essential oils that have no synthetic substances. Yes, you will pay more but it's a small price to ensure you do not harm our body.

Here are few ways to use essential oils to get you started.


Add 1-2 drops of high-grade oil to 10 ml of carrier (I use avocado oil). Apply to your wrists, temples or shoulders. For tired muscles and joints you can rub on the affected area (this is not medical advice please consult your physician).


I love my home to smell fresh and natural and have two diffusers. One in my bedroom and the other in my office. What would you choose natural essential oils or fake household air freshener? Essential oils can be inhaled straight from the bottle for a quick pick me up and for longer lasting and beneficial use an essential oil diffuser is efficient and these days they are made with lights and all sorts of beautiful designs. Fill your home with nature, rather than fake smells – this benefits everyone, human or animal, who steps into your home.