Thinking of Suicide Because of Financial Burden

Suicide because of financial burden

I read an article recently from "The unspoken link between income, occupation and suicide" and as I read it, my heart started beating faster. The reason? Because I've been in such financial despair at times in my life that I also had thoughts that there was no other way out. My saving Grace, is that I've experienced what it's like to lose people to suicide, in particular my brother Gary who took his life, so that's always stopped me from thinking there was no other way out. So if you are thinking about suicide because of financial burden read on.

I also know what it's like to wonder how you will get any money in or even have enough to buy food. I've had times where I've scraped up all my silver coins just to get something to eat.

So how did I get through? Faith, I always had faith and hope. So rather than concentrate on what I didn't have I would try my hardest to lift my feelings into a happier place, and then sit, breath and think of ways to get by. I'm still here, so obviously these challenges were just part of the journey for me. Since then I've gone on to build three blogs and I do what I love doing