The Power of Past Life Regression

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, a read of Steve Burgess' book 'The Power of Past Life Regression' is undoubtedly food for thought. With over 29 years of experience as a hypnotist, Steve has regressed 15,000 people through past lives. His first client, who regressed spontaneously, and went into a past life. As Steve relaxed the client (Gary) into hypnosis, the client started to become terrified. He began to shake, and with his eyes closed, his whole body was jerking. Gary was whispering loudly with a fearful voice, "They're coming, they're coming"! He then instructed whoever he was with to hide quickly and stay quiet. Followed by 'don't shoot the children'.

The Power of Past Life Regression

The client began to plead, and started to cry, then his face contorted into a rage. He then yelled at the top of his voice. "NO, NO, PLEASE - NOT THAT, DON'T KILL ME". His body then flopped down into the chair like a limp rag dog, tranquil, mouth open, and arms and legs splayed out. Steve asked him what happened, and he replied, 'It's over, It's calm, and a bright light surrounds me. I'm moving on now, and everything is ok'. What transcribed from this regression is that Gary was a holocaust victim in World War Two and was murdered by the Nazis.

Gary's story is one of many experienced by those who regressed through fascinating past lives. What more, the regressions help these people to heal in many ways. Some emotionally, and others physically.

I've personally often wondered if I have past life trauma for these reasons:

  • I have suffered from Crohn's Disease for 22 years (now in remission)

  • I am terrified of being underwater and will never put my face underwater when swimming, I can splash water on my face from the tap, but I will never hold my face up to the shower nozzle. I soon as I do that, I start to panic that I can't breathe.

  • I have frequent dreams of large waves and tsunamis.

  • I have a recurring dream where I live in a three-story home and keep forgetting the top floor is this magnificent level. It is the same dream. I had the dream again last night, and when I woke up, I felt like it was real, and it took me a while to realise it was the same dream repeating. Interestingly, I live in a three-story home now.

  • Another vivid dream I had, was several years ago; I was a young woman, wearing a long dress with an apron on it and boots. It appeared as if I was a farm girl in the 1700s. In the dream, I was walking up a path leading to a stable. I have never forgotten how real it felt.

I believe anyone interested in spirituality, past life regression, near-death experiences and fear of dying should read this book. One of the questions I asked Steve in the interview was it helped people get over the fear of dying. Steve replies, yes, it has allowed thousands to remove the fear of dying.

Another point I mention in this interview is it appears that a person who is, say, suffering from migraines had repeated head trauma in numerous past lives. One chapter of the book covers this topic. A young man who sustained migraines became well after his past life regression sessions.

A point of interest, especially for me, in The Power of Past Life Regression is that most deaths are a release, and the body's soul is glad to be moving into a place of love and light.

Just like any people who have claimed to have a Near Death Experience, thousands have claimed to recall past lives. They can't all be making it up.

Visit Steve's website for links to podcast and free hypnotherapy sessions on YouTube - and they are well worth the visit.

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