The Peaceful Country

I took this photo when I was visiting my daughter and her partner in Mid Coast NSW. It is actually in their backyard.

I love visiting the country and I know in another 5-7 years I will end up living there. I have not always been a city girl, I spent many years living in the Blue Mountains of NSW and I loved it. It wasn’t until life dealt me some cards I didn’t actually want to play, that I was forced to leave.

I also love my city, if I didn’t, I would not spend so much time blogging about things to do in Sydney. Even when I go and breathe the fresh air of the country, I adore coming back to the bedlam of Sydney. Yet, in a strange way, I know that I will leave my beloved city when the time is right and I will retire to a place of peace, where there is no rush and there is an abundance of damn good country manners.

There truly is something amazing when you look up at the night sky in the country and gaze upon galaxies, compared to one or two stars you might see in the city.

Then there is the silence in the country; except for the frogs croaking and cows mooing; compared to the traffic, shouting, drunk people and fighting where I Iive in the city. (Note: I live in the Kings Cross vicinity of Sydney).