The ‘KNOWN EFFECTS’ of consumerism.

Have you ever wondered about the products that you purchase? Where they come from? Who made them? Has our environment been jeopardised through your purchase? Was child labour involved? Is packaging really needed? .....and the list goes on!

If this subject interests you then I encourage you to read this interview with Ainsley Schumacher who is the founder of KNOWN EFFECTS; an online marketplace that is destined to become a one-stop ethical shopping platform.

effects of consumerism


KNOWN EFFECTS is based on the ‘KNOWN EFFECTS’ of consumerism.

We wanted to create a community that supports businesses both small and large that are making positive changes to the way business is done. We have built an online marketplace that will become a one-stop ethical shopping platform. We are focused on creating a community filled with like-minded people from all areas from artisans, makers, fair-trade advocates to those who are driving the way in sustainable lifestyle products and living. KNOWN EFFECTS want to see small ethical businesses grow and we are driven to work with each brand to make this happen.