The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender)

Lavender is found in many gardens and known for its uplifting fragrance. It is an evergreen woody shrub with pale green narrow leaves and spiked flowers in a brilliant violet colour.

Lavender was originally grown in the Mediterranean and now is found all over the world.

To produce essential oil, the flowering tops of the plants are distilled.

Apart from its use in Aromatherapy, Lavender is widely used in soaps, lotions, cosmetics and perfumes to name a few. It is also used to flavour food and some beverages.

Lavender farms exist around the globe producing the essential oil that has many benefits as follows:

Note: Please consult with a qualified Aromatherapist before using essential oils this is not a medical guide for self-help.

Skin Care

Used for abscesses, acne, bruises, *burns, dandruff, inflammation and as an insect repellent.