The Beautiful Butterfly

Many people believe that the butterfly is a sign of someone from the spirit world. I believe that somehow we do get little signs from nature that may be the whisper of a deceased loved one. I know when my mum died last year, and we returned to dad's house that day, a flock of cranes flew in to his backyard, so many of them it was incredible, and very unusual, he had never seen that happen before. I couldn't help but wonder if it was a little message from mum saying, 'I'm ok'.

I've been staying at dad's over Easter and walking down to the river twice a day to contemplate and meditate, and I have noticed a butterfly each day, fluttering around me. Today, I grabbed my camera and was surprised how this little butterfly would stop and let me take photos of it. I couldn't help but wonder if it was mum giving me a sign that she's ok, and still around.

Maybe this is all my imagination, but I like to have hope, and I hope that mum is living in a beautiful place, having a ball while she waits for her family to eventually join her after our journey here on Earth is done.