Thank you mum for bringing me into this world.

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Today I am heading to the country to see my eldest daughter who moved up to Northern NSW a few years ago. She is settled down into country life with her man and puppy dog (the one with me in the picture on the sidebar). I’m really excited to see her and spend some time. It’s hard being a mum when your child is so far away.

At the same time I’m dreading going, and again, it comes down to being a mum. I’m dreading seeing my mother, because she is very sick in hospital and I know she is suffering a lot. I wish I could be going up there and she was well again and not in such discomfort. It’s not easy to see someone you care about, or anyone for that matter, suffer ill health and spend so much time in hospital.

Mum also lives in the same vicinity as my daughter, and my dad takes care of her full time, even though he’s in his 80’s. Her quality of life the last few years has not been good, with various strokes and lung problems. Mum’s health has really gone downhill in the last year and it shocks me how quickly the decline has been.

For mum, it’s the same thing as me with my eldest; it’s hard being a mum when your children are far away.