How to Take Action to Change Your Life

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Take action to change your life

How many motivational seminars have you attended? As someone who operated a speaker bureau for ten years, I can't count how many conferences I attended. These exceptional people taught me a lot in that decade, and I'm very grateful for these teachings.

There are thousands of motivational people in the Speaking Industry who have achieved their goals and became famous, rich or just plain happy! People have inspired me who have suffered unbelievable hardship such as Shilo Harris, that most of us could never imagine.

On this blog, you will also read many of life's struggles that I have endured.

We can all be motivated to change our circumstances significantly when we hear stories of other people's struggles and successes.

And, with all good intentions, that is what we set out to do.

But something stops us.

We don't take action!

Why? Most likely, we don't believe we can do it! Do you realise you are a Divine substance? You created out of the same stuff as God! The Source? Creator? Whatever you want to name it. And now, in this chaotic world we live in, this is probably a good time to invite spirituality into your life!

Take action to achieve your goals

How do I know this? I've read hundreds of books on this topic, and I have studied Near Death Experiences for over 30 years. The majority of the near-death experiences conclude the same finding; we are from source energy and can tap into that energy to create the lives we desire.

Now I realise I might lose some of you hear but stay with me a while as I explain in more detail.


Ask yourself this question. Do I genuinely believe I can achieve this goal? Deep down, the truthful answer is probably, no. Another question you might ask is; do I deserve this? And, I bet, your deep-seated belief system is also saying no.

Change your self belief story


How do you fix this? Try meditation and affirmations or explore hypnosis. If you have a Spotify account, you will find many meditation programs on the app. Or you can scroll through YouTube and also find an abundance of free meditations and hypnosis. Other ways is to go out into nature's gifts, and sit and listen to the birds, the sea, the river or where you can find a tranquil place.


Sometimes taking action is too hard. It might involve getting up two hours earlier to exercise, read, write or work on your business plan. Most highly successful people are early risers. For example, if I do not get out of my bed before 5:30 am, it bothers me. Waking up around 4:30 am is my favourite time because of:

  • I get moving, and it helps me accumulate my 10K minimal steps per day.

  • I watch the sunrise (if it is not raining).

  • The peacefulness is bliss.

  • Instead of procrastinating, I am motivated.

  • Rising early in the morning gives me more amazing hours to enjoy in my life.