Take The Good With The Bad

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I live in an area, which you couldn’t really call peaceful and tranquil. It’s near Kings Cross in Sydney a place known for drugs, violence, alcohol and prostitution. I don’t actually live in the suburb but I am very close and get a lot of passing traffic from the nightclubs. It can pretty horrible I have to say, but like I say to people, I have chosen to live here and I have to take the good with the bad. Actually there is a lot of good; I live close to the city, it’s convenient, I can walk to great cafes and restaurants, it’s vibrant, I have lots of walks to water, ponds and parks. It’s also an interesting place to live.

Then there is the bad! Here’s an example on Friday night when I was sleeping someone threw a whole rotten avocado through my window. I’m up on the first floor so it must have taken a bit of an effort for them to do that. Years ago I would have been full of rage at this, however I’m a different person these days. Instead of rage, I felt a bit of compassion for the person who did this. When you think about it, they must have been either out of control on drugs or alcohol or their mental state is obviously not right.

As I was cleaning up the mess, and trying to organize for the glass to be replaced I was actually quiet calm about it and thought how lucky I wasn’t near the window when it happened.

I try to live my life full of love and that doesn’t mean I’m off with the fairies, it just means that I try and see things as if I was The Source and Creator of this planet looking down at my children. Sometimes these children misbehave but you still have compassion for them, as they make and learn from their mistakes. Hopefully t