Stay Out of Dark Places

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Mindset Covid19 staying positive

Australia went into lockdown today, following the majority of the world!

People are scared! I am scared, and at the same time I've been expecting an event like this for a long time. I have beliefs and signs that gives me great courage. The reason I made the heading 'stay out of dark places' is because it was a 'sign' I received this morning on my walk.

At time of writing, going for a walk hasn't been banned, yet! Martial Law is probably not that far away to be honest.

What I mean by 'stay out of dark places' is to not let your negative feelings overpower you. In saying that, I'm struggling myself so I'm not on my "High Horse" I'm really scared but I'm ready to face the enemy head on. Yes, this is extremely challenging but fear is more contagious and frightening than Coronavirus! Why? Because fear breeds panic, hatred, selfishness, wars, lack mentality, and much more.

Now that we are all on lockdown, for those of you who have not looked at the possibility of thoughts being energy, maybe now is a good time to start reading up.

Imagine the whole world producing massives of negative thoughts (dark energy)? On the other hand, the whole world produced masses of positive thoughts (light energy)?

What is happening now is a shift on our planet that will change life as we know it for the better! Yes, it's going to be a rocky ride and what will be revealed to the world population this year is going to open so many eyes. People are going to realise that they have been puppets all along. Puppets and slaves to the elite. Already many of the elite are falling, many of them sold all their stocks prior to the 'pandemic' going public and celebrities are now crying in their bathrooms.