Sometimes the Little Things Give People Hope

A friend recently contacted me, who I hadn’t spoken to for a few years because he was reaching out to his network to see if anyone could help him pursue his life’s passion as an artist. I was saddened to hear also that John had gone through some major life upheaval including a marriage breakdown, and being robbed of everything, twice!

I have known him for over ten years, and although he left to go interstate, I’ve never ever forgotten his People Skills. For privacy reasons I will call him John.

Sometimes I would see the odd comment on my Facebook page from John, and we would exchange a like or two, but we really had lost contact. When I had my speaking bureau I did a lot of networking, it was well before social media took off like it has, and it was those days I also started my online profile. John was someone I would always meet at our networking events, and he was someone who would go out of his way to help anybody. John is a genuinely really nice guy.

So when I heard John’s marriage had failed and he had also been robbed I was devastated for him. What really surprised me though I had not realized he was an astounding artist. I was truly amazed to find this out. John told me that all he wanted was to pursue his passion; his artwork, and make his living from it. I could hear the passion in his voice when we were chatting on the phone. I know only too well that passion for pursuing what you love, despite setback after setback. The problem was, nobody knew John’s artwork existed, he has no website, just a small Facebook page and no marketing experience. John told me had started a website but he couldn’t finish it because of the computer being stolen. He also isn’t too experienced with website building.

I asked for the login and told him I’d hop on and finish it. I really didn’t like the look of it so decided to build him one from scratch, which I am currently in the middle of doing. I am not charging him because I just want to make a difference. I want to do something nice for someone for nothing in return. I want to give him hope to pursue what he was born to do.

John told me I was “a breath of fresh air” and that I had given him hope. It’s then when I realize that I’m on my life purpose.

I will share John’s website one day, with his permission and showcase this talented and wonderful Human Being.

#Hope #LifePurpose