Save Your Skin and Help Save Sun Bears

Sun Bear Suncrean

By purchasing a new SPF 50+ sunscreen 80 percent of its profits will go to protecting endangered Sun Bears. Sun Bear Sunscreen (RRP $34.95, 200ml) is proud to introduce a seriously protective, Australian-made, SPF 50+ sunscreen, created to save the word’s smallest bear, the Sun Bear, one tube at a time. This social enterprise is a palm oil-free sunscreen that helps protect both humans and Sun Bears. Sun Bears, have become vulnerable due to widespread deforestation and illegal hunting.

Jo Leaper, the co-founder of Sun Bear Suncreen says that in the last 30 years, nearly have the Malyana Sun Bear have been wiped out. As a Sun Bear mother usually only raises one cub in her entire life, you can imagine these bears are certainly not over-populating the planet by any means!

Joy and her husband Luke were inspired to start the brand after visiting South East Asia and being approached by a local selling crudely amputated Sun Bear paws. “We created Sun Bear Sunscreen to give people an easy way to make a difference,” said Joy. “It’s a product with purpose that everybody needs and uses on a daily basis here in Australia. Simply by purchasing sunscreen, you can make a tangible difference in preserving and protecting these beautiful bears.”

Sun Bear Suncreen

Profits from the sale of the Sun Bear Sunscreen will go to Dr Wong Siew Te and his team at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre for a series of special releases and research activities.

Created to protect your skin and theirs, Sun Bear Sunscreen is SPF 50+, palm oil free, rainforest derivative free, fragrance free, oxybenozonate-3 free, (the chemical found to damage coral reefs) and not tested on animals. It is is also produced using solar power and has fully recyclable packaging.

Sun Bear Sunscreen’s formulation is is two hours’ water resistant and suitable for easy, whole body application. for RRP $34.95 (200ml).

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