Remove what isn't working in your life to bring you closer to your desires

Bruce Lee Quotes

I love this quote by Bruce Lee and what he says makes so much sense. How many times do you find yourself wasting time on things that don't really matter? I know I have in my life, and even though I know better, I still have to pull myself up for it now and again.

What Bruce is saying it's not about accomplishing more each day and growing your 'to do list' until it is out of control; it's about doing what needs to be done and what will eventually get you to where you want to be.

I'm a huge fan of the Law of Attraction, but I don't believe you can sit down and mediate and $100 will fall into your lap. What I do believe is that when you put out an intention, when you write down your goals, when you live and breath those desires and you implement steps to achieve them, that's when like attracts like.

There is no mistaking that positive vibes attract more positive vibes and negative vibes....well you don't need me to remind you that when you are having a bad day and bad feelings, things tend to go wrong.

So back to our quote here with Bruce Lee. Hack away at the unessential; in other words stop wasting time doing things that will not benefit you or the greater humanity in some way.

I'll give you an example in my own life. I make lists of to do's and then I look at the to do list and I'm immediately overwhelmed. I'm overwhelmed because I make my list of 'would like to do' rather than 'must do'. So then I go back and cull it and focus on those steps that will get me what I desire.

A good habit is to wake up in the morning, do a meditation of what you want in life and then write down your intention for the day; write what you want to achieve that will bring you a step closer to realising your dream.

I'm already a successful blogger, I've achieved that, however my Sydney Lifestyle Blog isn't my ultimate goal. Does that surprise you? It's surprises a lot of people, my ultimate goal is to grow this blog into a world-wide recognised blog. That's a mighty big goal. Is it achievable? I think so, as long as I focus on a number of things:

Does my goal serve a purpose that benefits other?

I personally believe we are a world that will implode soon if we don't start looking out for each other more. I also believe that when you serve others, when you make your business not about your bottom line but how it benefits others, then good things will come your way. It's the like attract like vibe, or as some call it the Law of Attraction.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't have the bottom line in mind, and that it shouldn't make you wealthy - or course it should make you wealthy. What I am saying is that it should make you and others lives better. After all the more money you have the more good you can do in this world.

Hope for Living

What are the steps I need to take to make this happen?

Once you decide on your goal then it's a matter of making a list of steps to get you there. This is how I do it:​

Visualise your end result - no matter how long in the future that might be. I see mine, I'm living in the country and my full time income is from writing and blogging. It's a long way off now as I have other projects that I'm doing but I see that end result.

Make a vision board. You can do this by cutting out photos from magazines etc and pasting in to a book, or pinning to a board, or if you are like me, you will do it on your computer either in powerpoint or Pinterest. You can make your board private.

Break down your goal in to long term and short term steps. Another one way I do it is by having tasks on my Google Calendar. So say my goal is a five year plan: My first step is to see the end result and then break it down into what I want to achieve in each year getting to that goal. Then I break each year down into months, and then those months into weeks and those weeks into days. For your daily tasks you can download a beautiful Google Chrome extension called Momentum and every time you open a new page on your browser you will see an inspiration quote, gorgeous photo and you can write your daily tasks. It's brilliant.

Now it's your turn. Write down in your journal or on your computer your long term goals. You need to read this everyday when you begin your meditation.

Visualise and meditate on your goal.

Each morning, even if it's only just five minutes take the time to put yourself a place of peace and do a meditation. I always mediate using