Organic, Natural, Australian Made Skincare

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Cactus skincare review

I've been reviewing natural, organic skincare; Cactus Skincare. Yes, the name is a bit strange but it has a really good meaning behind it: Refers to how cactus stay hydrated in harsh environments, and we here in Australia have one of the harshest environments in the world, so you get the drift!

As a person with mature skin (now in my 50's) I prefer products that are natural and organic. I also prefer to feel my skin is being nourished.

After a use of a few weeks, following a morning and evening ritual, I started to notice a great improvement in my skin. Even though I've been fortunate to have clear skin all my life, I now have to take even more care as my skin matures.

The Cactus Skin Care range gave me the feeling of my skin becoming thicker or maybe I should say, more plumped out.

The products feel luxurious, and they smell sensational. I'm using the Dry Skin Pack which is is a full regimen with everything Dry skin needs to regulate oils, reduce redness and promote even-toned skin.