New Habits for a Happier Life

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

New Habits for a Happier Life

Me in Bali with a Guru!

Have you ever felt like you are in the doldrums? Like you wouldn't call yourself depressed or even sad, but really not that content? It could possibly be because you are not fulfilling your life purpose or that, to be honest, you are bored! You may have security in relationships and even with money, but something just doesn't seem right. If that is the case, then consider these few simple new habits for a happier life. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit so why not dedicate three weeks out of your life to see if this causes a change?

Switch Social Media to Beautiful Photos

OK, I admit I'm glued to my phone and one of my bad habits is looking at it prior to falling asleep. I participate in social media and I observe the news, but lately I've switched this habit to a new one. Instead of looking at social media and the news, I browse through the most exquisite photos on 500px. Try it! It is a simple swap. Still, shouldn't be looking at bright screens before bed, though! I need to work on that one.

Do Something for Someone Else

Photo: My dad before he got sick.He would drive 50km each way, sometimes twice a day to visit my mother's grave. This candid photo was taken when he wasn't looking with a tear in his eye for mum. Dad passed away in September 2019 and I miss him terribly.

Two years before his passing, I spent a lot of time caring for my father. Due to his illness (renal failure) he became totally housebound. This was a huge strain on me, as I had to drive 40 km in the country each way, do his shopping, clean the house, take him to his appointments (we are remote, so it is a long way), keep my blog going and my freelance business, so I could earn an income. As well as that I was dealing with a terrible flare up of Crohn's Disease. There have been times when I've thought this is all a bit too much on me. Those negative feelings were causing me to be sorrowful, and so I had a good talk to myself and changed my thoughts to:

  • I appreciated I was in a position to have a lovely country drive every second day

  • I got to spend valuable time with my dad, and we would sit out on the verandah and discuss all sorts of things

  • I was contributing to my father's quality of life

  • Dad provided and looked after me all these years and it is an honour to help him stay at home and not in a facility

  • I was still getting all my work done

  • Every day I had to spend with my dad was a blessing

My mother died five years ago and I never had the opportunity to help her or spend time with her. Now I'm making up for that and by positively changing my thinking, everything is different. I'm much happier, I'm grateful and everything gets done without any drama. The mind is so powerful.


During the middle of 2019 and that Covid menace was making us all miserable I started to journal every morning. It literally saved me from the doldrums. In fact I loved it so much I devised my own digital oracle cards and wrote an e-book on my daily journalling technique. You can see the Oracle Cards and their meanings here.

Feed your body goodness!

Try transitioning to vegetarian and feed your body goodness such as a Green Smoothie. If you are struggling with your weight, make the effort to change your lifestyle and drop some kg's because your body will thank you for it. Try the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, there is an incentive for you to succeed with cashback.

You will feel:

  • Healthier

  • Lose weight

  • Wake up bright as a spark

  • Happier

  • More energetic

New habits for a happy life

Go to Nature

There's something about nature that seems to give good vibes. For me it does anyway. Nothing can lift my spirits more than when I go bush or find a secluded beach to explore. I have another blog about travel and lifestyle on the Mid North Coast of NSW and take myself off to remote areas all the time. I only have to step into a rainforest and a wave of peace and tranquility gently washes over me.

How to be happier

Be Grateful

Personally, I feel gratitude is the key to happiness. How many things do you take for granted? I know I have been very ungrateful in my years, however I also spend time contemplating my thoughts and what I have. I've also learnt through the years that I must not blame other people for my life. This is important! It is so easy to fall into the trap of blaming others. Practising gratitude and forgiveness leads to happiness.