Nature is Breathing

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Purple flowers
Even in darkness we can create Light. We just have to look for it.

And I say this as the human race is currently facing a pandemic like we have never seen before. With thousands of people dying because of the Coronavirus, people losing their income, riots and overworked healthcare workers, it is natural to imagine that we are in a dark place and will never come out of it. Yet we will!

With the bad there is good.

There is no doubt that we are all suffering as humans and some of us are lucky enough to live in a country, like I do, in Australia where, at the time of writing this post, we are still in lockdown and our death rate from COVID-19 is scarce. Compared to some countries we are doing OK. Yes, we are very much restricted with what we can do, such as only leaving the house for work (if you are lucky enough to still have a job), go to medical appointments, shopping, go to buy takeaway or move house. I'm actually in the middle of moving house which is my parents' property that they left to me and my brothers and about 40 km country driving.

Mother Nature is breathing

At first the moving annoyed me but then I started to look at the sunny side of this. I get to travel on the highway with hardly any other traffic as I slowly move my boxes down to the property. In doing that I drive through wondrous forests and country landscapes and I've changed from being annoyed at moving to being totally grateful. You, see, I lost a lot of my income from COVID-19, so I had no choice to move because I'm renting where I am. Without a doubt my heart now sings nothing but gratitude and has changed to being resentful of what's happened with this virus to be respectful and grateful for how lucky I am.

Which brings me back to why I'm typing this post. Even though we humans are doing it tough, Mother Nature is having a break from us, and she is delighted! I live in the country, so I get to see it more than the city folk, but even in the city you can look up at the sky and see no planes. Plants appear to be greener and healthier and where I live there is an overwhelming abundance of butterflies and dragonflies. The ocean is sparkling more, the air is fresh and the birds are singing their hearts out.

butterflies Coffs Harbour

For all our suffering, I hope that we come out the other side knowing that we do not have to keep polluting our planet, and in fact, we have all proven that we can go without a lot. Each and every one of us is history in the making, and just maybe, these sacrifices we make, and the grief we suffer from losing loved-ones may positively be the catalyst to give future generations a chance to live in harmony with Mother Nature.


I have embraced COVID19 and put my personal development and business into overdrive. I have been occupied by my web design business and my blogs. As well, I decided to become a distributor of essential oils online because of my love of them and the immense benefits and joy they give me. It's a big step to start a new business, especially as I write this it has been anno