Mother Nature the Stress Fixer

If I find myself in a stage of worry, pressure or overload I have the perfect solution; I go to nature. I find that once I am amongst trees and plants I can feel the energy from them, it literally washes over me like a cleansing cascading waterfall.

This morning was one of those days that I felt a little overwhelmed as I have some issues going on with my parents health, business is going through a change that I’m trying to hurry along and so was feeling stressed. It is in these times I take myself down to the Sydney Botanical Gardens and the magic waterfall envelopes me as soon as I step foot into the grounds and instantly my stress goes away.

To me, spending time amongst nature takes me away from the stress of everyday living, it’s my meditation and I know that whenever I’m stress I need to head to somewhere where I can be amongst that invisible energy of trees and plants.

I took these photos on my walk around the gardens today and now that I am back home I have my energy back and my willingness to get back on top, funnily I’m looking back at this morning wondering what all the fuss was about.

Try it yourself, it’s an amazing remedy.