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Mother Nature's Oceans

I love the Ocean. It scares me to death and it excites me at the same time. Whenever I see huge waves crashing in, or strong currents that you wouldn't stand a chance against, it makes me realise how insignificant we humans are compared to Mother Nature.

When I was a child, we sailed from the UK to Australia on a Greek ship called the Achille Lauro. This ship has quite a history and I can remember as a small girl aged around 7, the ship almost tipping on its side. It was terrifying watching the cups and plates slide off the tables when we were in the dining room at the time and the waves crashing on the portholes. That memory has stayed with me all my life and I think it has contributed to my fear of drowning. I also had a scare in the water earlier this year, when I got caught in a rip tide in Tuncurry Rockpool giving me an even bigger respect for the ocean.

Sometimes I gaze at waves that are so huge on the beaches here on the Mid North Coast and stop and stare at the power these waves have. Other times, it is so calm that I walk along the beach following the dolphins that swim closely to the shore and watch them ride the waves.

I've found a number of treasures washed up by the ocean including a replica Viking sword! Most of my treasures are beautiful shells.

My respect for the ocean is enormous. It provides us with food, transport and entertainment. However Mother Nature can also use her force to destroy as we have witnessed by numerous Tsunamis. We need to respect our ocean and not pollute it with our rubbish and chemicals.

The following gallery are photos I have taken of the Pacific Ocean for one of my blogs North Coast NSW Leisure and Life.


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