Morning Walk

Every morning I go for a walk. This is not negotiable for me and I do it because it's the one time I feel so in tune with the Universe, actually I'm in tune with God, Source or Divine Spirit which to me means 'all that is'. It is on my walks that I notice the smallest and most beautiful things and I can see Spirit in everything. Sometimes my most beautiful Instagram photos come from just seeing something that most people might miss becuase there is too much chatter going on inside their head. The things I see can be as simple as a few shades of green, just a flower that stands out amongst a cloak of greenery or maybe it's just looking at a dog following its master looking ever so happy and without a worry in the world. For me, my morning walk is when I talk to God and when I feel gratitude for everything that's in my life, and especially for nature.

When I see birds flying and hear them chirping, or watching the ripples in the water that is when I feel so in tune with the Universe and it is my most powerful 'manifesting' time ever. My morning walks are my meditation time and even though I'm not sitting down quietly, I am till meditating. I have a rule that when I walk I cannot have a negative thought. Negative thinking and worry is 100% banned from my thoughts, it is the one time that I have no worries in the world and if in reality if I might be bothered by something, in this short space of time, that worry cannot touch me.

I truly believe that what we get in life is what we vibrate and what I mean by that is if you're feeling miserable and depressed that's what you're going to get and if you're feeling elated, grateful and happy you get more of that because we have a direct link to the Source and that link gives us what we want. It is the 'feeling' or vibration that can communicate to the Source, so if you're feeling bad and you're wishing for something great to happen it won't.

I would like to clarify here that I do not believe that you can 'will' yourself to win the lottery but I do believe that you can attract opportunities and good things when you are feeling positive.

When I had my second child and I suffered a bit of postnatal depression, the one thing that got me feeling better was when I took up running and became fit. The physical exercise lifted my vibration and lifted my mood. I always suggest to people who suffer from depression that exercise can help make you feel better. To take the time to exercise and ridding the mind of the clutter of negative self talk and worry really works for me.

For me the morning walk is a two-fold experience, I exercise and I meditate, and I feel totally at peace and part of this amazing Universe.


Take a walk where there is lots of greenery and stop and look. Look at how many different shades of green you'll see, just stop look, love and appreciate the beauty.

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