Micro Communities to Support Each Other

Many of us are finding it difficult to cope with the tyranny around the world at the moment. I'm in Australia, and the lockdowns and segregation, in my opinion, are unlawful.

For those of us who refuse to have our bodies taken over by the Governments in the world, we need to unite and build micro-communities to support each other.

Maybe now is a good time to say goodbye to being a slave for someone else or big corporations and reinvent ourselves, and create businesses where we support each other.

As I mentioned in this video, if we give in to tyranny, if we become depressed, if we believe there is no hope, they have won! It is up to us to take back our freedom! I don't know about you, but I don't want to be part of a society based on fear.

Micro Communities to Support Each Other

Remember, there are millions of us around the world that are fighting to take back our planet. Follow these people if you need a little more encouragement:

David Icke

James O'Keefe