Live your life for you.

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Invite spirituality into your life

One of the biggest life lessons is to follow your life purpose and be successful; you need to do what you want, what makes you happy, and not be a people pleaser. You can still live your life for yourself and be spiritual, caring and on the right path. I am not implying that you need to be selfish.

Many people feel they have to live their lives a certain way because they will offend or upset others if they don't. Maybe it could be your parents, teacher, mentor, friend, or anyone who tries to tell you what is best for you.

I am not saying you can't take advice from others; what I am saying is to do what makes you happy rather than pleasing other people.

When I started my career, I worked as a secretary, and I was told and made to believe that because I did not finish school, I would not be able to do anything else with my life except work in administration. I believed that! It took me until I was 40 years old to realise I was far more capable than that kind of work that did not inspire me. I was working against my strengths and was working with my weaknesses.

Once I realised that I could and would have a career that suited me, I went for it. Did I fail? Many times? Did I ever give up? No, I did not.

Today, I am the Editor of a successful online magazine/blog called Sydney Chic, a website designer and publisher of two other blogs, including this one. I am self-taught in everything I do today, and that is something I'm proud to have achieved. I left my secure job as Administration Manager to start my own business in 2004, against the advice of my family, who wanted me safe and secure in my career with the Government. I wasn't happy, though.

My business was a speaker bureau (booking professional speakers for conferences), and I loved it. The only problem was I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning and had never had a business before. I spent ten years operating that business and then decided to move into blogging and, eventually, web design.

However, my life purpose is to help others invite spirituality into their lives, and I know what I have experienced in my life qualifies me to do that. The purpose of this blog is for me to do just that.

I discovered my life purpose when I was walking to do a restaurant review for Sydney Chic. On the way to the restaurant, I asked God, "What is my life purpose?" I immediately got "You give hope to people". I then felt an overwhelming 'knowing' as I knew this to be true. I asked for confirmation, and about 5 minutes later, a well-dressed man came up to me and told me a story about not having any money to get home due to losing his wallet. I didn't believe him, to be honest, and I was a bit short of cash myself, but I gave him $20. His face lit up, and I saw something remarkable; I just gave him hope. I knew, without a doubt, this was proof that I was on the right path.

Being spiritual doesn't mean you have to be a people pleaser. For example, recently, a call came through my phone on a number that I did not recognise. It was from a lady I had met a couple of years ago when I was in the speaking and training industry and running training and personal development seminars. I didn't remember her, but as she was talking to me, it was obvious she wanted me to attend the training/workshops. I just came straight out with "I don't do group training, and no, I'm not interested", whereas a couple of years ago, I would have said, "OK, send me your information," and probably got talked into doing something I didn't want to do.

What amazed me with this conversation I was straight to the point and said, "no, I don't want to do that".

Try saying no; it's powerful.

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