Jasmin Karma in the Forest: How one Woman Followed her Path

I met Jasmin Karma on Instagram (as you do). I checked out Jasmin's music and really resonated with her soothing voice, and when I read her story I realised she's an inspirational young lady and I wanted to share her journey of following her path with my readers.

Jasmin Karma played a role in the writing and recording of Bob Marley's son Stephen "Ragga" Marley “Revelation Pt. 11: The Fruit of Life”. She shares composer credits on the title track “The Lion Roars”, and sings on this song and the beautiful “Paradise”. She also played a big part in the creation of “So Strong”and "Paradise".

Growing up in Brisbane, Jasmin was surrounded by music; her mum a jazz singer and dad a blues man. There was always Sade and Jimi Hendrix playing in the house, along with all the jazz and blues legends. Jasmin was taught to play several instruments and sang in a choir through primary school.

After high school she moved closer to her dad and asked him to teach her to play the guitar. Jasmin saved enough for her first guitar and her father matched what she had saved so she could buy, in her words, "a real sweet one".

She soon began inventing chords and writing songs based on her feelings and things that were going on in her life at the time.

While studying marine science she went to the Caribbean to do field research. During a stay in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, she began to write and perform her own original songs. After a trip to Jamaica and LA, where she played solo shows on Sunset Strip and at the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival, Jasmin met Stephen "Ragga" Marley. This was the beginning of a very important collaboration. Ragga liked her songs and they started working together, song writing, recording and touring.

Here's my interview with Jasmin:

You said that you “it is funny how life unfolds and shows us our path” what was your defining moment when you knew you were on your path?

After my semester of study abroad in the Caribbean Costa Rica I took a year off university and did a solo round the world ticket. While in Mexico it dawned on me that I was free to create whatever type of life I wanted. So I listened to my heart and she said "make music, make a band and write songs". I had already stared writing songs and always loved it but from that moment on I decided to make music my lifestyle. Music for breakfast, lunch and dinner hehe. While on my round the world trip I had planned that while in Jamaica I wanted relax beachside, absorb the culture and learn that reggae strum on guitar. Unexpectedly I found myself in the studio recording music for a major label. That's what I mean by life showing me my path, it was revealed to me bigger than I had imagined and I knew that music was the right path for me.

I declined offers to stay in Jamaica and continue recording, to return home to Australia to graduate with a bachelor in Environmental Science and Conservation. Since then I've brought my love for our earth and conserving her beauty into my songwriting.

What are your challenges with following your path and how do you overcome them?

Being focused on what I want. Breaking through and changing beliefs that don't support me.

I overcome this by continuously working on my self awareness thru meditation and imagination.

Why Reggae?

My music is not strictly reggae but rather captures a Caribbean feel. My voice and vocal expressions are soulful with a velvety texture that when combined with acoustic instruments and dancehall pop production creates a instant trip to a palm tree laden white sandy beach. Ocean sounds included.

What are your five tips for people to live their life to the fullest and follow their path.

  1. listen to your heart above all else

  2. Imagine how you want to live and allow it to arrive even better than you could ever imagine.