It's about never ever giving up.

Recently a friend of mine was telling me how she had overcome a hurdle in her life. A number of years ago, Sarah (not real name) had a car accident which resulted in her damaging her back causing much pain, and difficulty in walking. It also caused her to put on a lot of weight due to the lack of exercise and also depression that followed from the accident.

Sarah had to resort to painkillers and mind numbing drugs which of course didn't help. Because of these problems Sarah could no longer work and it was a terrible shame because she is one of the best networkers I know, and excellent at building valuable relationships. She also has a heart of gold and goes out of her way to help others. Recently, Sarah's doctor more or less told her that if she didn't take some drastic measures to lose weight she would die. In fact he was not supportive and it left her feeling miserable and wondering if she might as well just take a handful of pills and be done with it. But that's not what Sarah is about.....

She decided to get off all the meds and see a natural therapist who put who on a natural treatment and in eight weeks she has lost 14 kgs! Sarah told me that she often thinks of me when she has been struggling because she has watched my career, my life's ups and downs and always remembers, no matter what, giving up is not an option. An option might be changing the path slightly but it's never giving up. I live my life by having: