Interview with Katie Little from Mass Experience

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Katie Little Mass Experience

I recently interviewed Katie M Little from Mass Experience. We chatted about music, her life and tarot!

Katie M Little & Timothy Poulton The Due Called Mass Experience

They met twenty-five years ago, their desire fused by a love of emerging technologies and the explosion of dance music that blew their young indie-music minds – and have not stopped creating since. As you will see in the interview, music is part of the whole family.

Their past has seen Katie and Timothy spinning breakbeat and promoting Sydney's underground rave parties in the 90s. They are both self-taught graphic artists and designed many of the scene's iconic club flyers and record label artwork.

Timothy decided to follow his passion and explore the world as a landscape photographer, resulting in becoming recognised internationally for his breathtaking images of the planet's most fragile and wilderness.

Katie pursued her love of stand-up comedy, realising her dream of becoming a writer with the release of her black-humour memoir, 'Catch A Falling Star - A Story About Growing Up with Jeanne Little', about her unconventional upbringing in a showbiz family.

When Covid hit, both their careers went on hold. Quite by accident, as Katie was working on a blog and Timothy was jamming with their son, she realised the piece she was working on would work better as lyrics.