I Finally Finished My Digital Oracle Cards and Ebook

The inspiration came to me to write this book in the middle of COVID-19 2020. Like many people, my life was changed dramatically. I had to move to my parents  house with my eldest daughter was going through a break-up, her beloved Border Collie had a shocking operation to remove cancer, and we went through two months of hell because the wound got infected, on top of that her business as a personal trainer took a nosedive just as she was earning good money for the first time in her life. My youngest daughter who is also a PT had the same issues because of the gyms closing. I also lost a part-time job, but that ended up being a good thing for me. I fell into a deep dark rut and managed to pull myself back out of it by creating a morning  ritual which I am sharing here. It took 6 weeks and I was back to my happy self.

Six months later as I finished this manuscript and created the Oracle Cards

Flower Oracle Cards

that go with it, I can honestly say my ritual worked! I do this every day and it has changed my life. 

I am now living in a beautiful apartment with water views, business is good and so is life.