How to Grow an Edible Garden in a Small Apartment

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Balcony garden

Before I moved to the countryside, I lived in inner Sydney. My last apartment did not even have a balcony and I really struggled with that because I love gardening, living an eco-friendly life and sitting in the sun. There are always solutions, so it did not stop me growing my own herbs and salad leaves despite that it was all indoors.

In fact, as long as you have some light into your apartment you should be in a position to do the same, and although you may not be producing an enormous amount of crops, there is still something enjoyable when you pick those few lettuce leaves or herbs or snip of some cress to sprinkle on your boiled egg.

Grow your own garden in an apartment

I love plants and have many of them and I'm especially fond of orchids, however these days I concentrate on growing edible plants including edible flowers that I can sprinkle on my salads and use for garnish. Now that I have a backyard there is plenty of room to grow vegetables but I still have miniature pots of micro-greens all around the house, as well as hanging baskets of lettuce and herbs.