How to flip feeling negative to positive

Photo: Instagram

In all the years I have had an interest in spirituality there is one thing I can 100% tell you works, and that is being positive, thinking nice thoughts and cutting out negativity does definitely attract good things to you.

I can also tell you that when I am making a huge effort to meditate, think positive, be happy, and say my affirmations I attract a lot of nice people to me. I notice that people smile at me, I end up getting discounts, people gift me things and people seem to be attracted to me (not physically but spiritually). Without a doubt I have proven this to myself time, and time again.

That’s not to say I’m always on this high, and I do let my guard down sometimes and start worrying and getting annoyed at silly things. However when I make a real effort, everything seems to just flow.

On New Year’s Eve I was walking through the tunnel from Martin Place Station in Sydney to Pitt Street. As I was walking along a lady stopped me and handed me a bunch of beautiful roses (pictured above). She owns the florist that I have passed so many times I can’t count, and just handed me this beautiful bunch of flowers because she was closing the shop for the holiday period. These are the kinds of things that happen when I keep myself in that positive energy.