How I Control Crohn's Disease

Living with Crohn's Disease

Firstly, I am making a Disclaimer! I am not a doctor, I am not trained in nutrition and this story is about something I did for myself and I can't say it will work for you. In saying this, I am republishing a story I wrote eight years ago when I had a terrible flare up of Crohn's Disease and an experience in hospital I would rather forget. At the time of admittance my heartbeat was extremely low (bradycardia) and I remember feeling that I may not get better. It was scary.


The years of eating the wrong foods took a toll on my body and I ended up hospital and on steroids, which was the biggest thing I feared about Crohn's. I was given a massive dose of steroids via intravenous and by day five when I was finally discharged from the hospital I had already gained a lot of weight. This threw me into the depths of despair, and as I was sent home with a prescription to take them for a number of months I decided that I had to do something about it. My mental health was also suffering from the steroids. That's when I went to my doctor and told him to immediately wean me of this shit right now; I refused to keep on them. Remember, I had been given massive doses of intravenous steroids, not just a short course which years later, I discovered a short course of steroids is a Godsend.

When I was in hospital I was put on a range of medications and also morphine and it is my belief, to this day, that the medications they put me on actually made me worse. Now I am prepared for the flack from the medical profession over this post, and like I said at the beginning, I'm only writing about what happened to me and how I dealt with it. When I was in hospital my doctors actually begged me to take Prednisone and another tablet that was brought to me by a nurse who was wearing protective gloves and told me to swallow it and not touch it with my hands. I asked her why and also why was she wearing gloves and her reply was because the tablet was very toxic. I refused to take it and she offered for me to see a mental health specialist! I refused that too.

On my release from hospital, I decided that I would do whatever it took to get better. I told those that are close to me to “watch this space” and that I would cure my symptoms myself with my diet and positive mindset. I put myself on an anti inflammatory diet, took myself off sugar, salt, wheat, white rice, dairy. I ate copious amounts of avocados, fish oil, olive oil, fish, turmeric, dark berries, vegetables and slippery elm powder. I also drank solution of chlorophyll, chia seeds and Himalayan salt mixed in with purified water. At first it was a bit hard to stomach, however began to love it and would drink over a litre a day.

anti inflammatory diet

I also took a powerful probiotic powder.

I had convinced myself that this would work, so I put a ‘belief’ in my head that I would be healthy again in a few weeks.

It worked within two weeks. Nothing short of a miracle to the people who witnessed what happened. I also 'glowed' with health.

Again, I am not saying this will help everyone else, I'm just conveying that it worked for me and could be worth investigating alternative methods like this if you too, are living with Crohn's Disease.

Don't just take my word for it, Meghan Telpner cured herself from Crohn's Disease, and not only that, went on to become a successful business woman who inspires people all around the world.

Living with Crohn's Disease


It's funny how we can become so complacent, and I did just that! My life turned from my healthy eating when I became quite well known in the Sydney Blogging world for my website and social media following on Sydney Chic.

During this time (about 5 years) I lived in the inner city of Sydney. This place is not good for the soul, I lived with drug addicts outside my window screaming night an day, neighbours that would party until all hours of the night, noise..noise...noise. As well as the drunks and the sirens that would make noise endlessly every single night. As well as that, my life became one big party. I was invited to a VIP event about 4 times a week where the booze and food never stopped. This made a huge impact on my weight and health, and I drank every night just to get to sleep.

At one of the endless VIP parties I would attend 3-4 times a week