How I Control Crohn's Disease

Living with Crohn's Disease

Firstly, I am making a Disclaimer! I am not a doctor, I am not trained in nutrition and this story is about something I did for myself and I can't say it will work for you. In saying this, I am republishing a story I wrote eight years ago when I had a terrible flare up of Crohn's Disease and an experience in hospital I would rather forget. At the time of admittance my heartbeat was extremely low (bradycardia) and I remember feeling that I may not get better. It was scary.


The years of eating the wrong foods took a toll on my body and I ended up hospital and on steroids, which was the biggest thing I feared about Crohn's. I was given a massive dose of steroids via intravenous and by day five when I was finally discharged from the hospital I had already gained a lot of weight. This threw me into the depths of despair, and as I was sent home with a prescription to take them for a number of months I decided that I had to do something about it. My mental health was also suffering from the steroids. That's when I went to my doctor and told him to immediately wean me of this shit right now; I refused to keep on them. Remember, I had been given massive doses of intravenous steroids, not just a short course which years later, I discovered a short course of steroids is a Godsend.