How Helping Others Gives a Sense of Achievement

When I started my first blog Sydney Chic, I never realised it would grow so fast and take my social media influence level to the top 5% in the world (according to Kred). You can read the story about how this all came about on this blog post I did about the background of Sydney Chic. Read on ...this is not a post about blowing my own trumpet.

As my lifestyle blog grew, the more I grew, and not just in online presence but as a person. In a previous post I did about having a purpose in business I wrote about when you do something to serve another person or business, without expectation, then the natural laws of the Universe give back to you. In saying is NOT the reason I will help another person get their brand out into the overwhelming online community. The people I like to help the most are the start up business people, the young journalist, the young artist and mature people who have faced their fear and decided to give it a go!

Sometimes I get requests from someone to attend an art exhibition or to view their product, and without even replying to them straight away I may post on my blog or give a social media shoutout. I don't do it for anything other than I love to do it. Sometimes, I get an enormous reward, and I'm not talking money. I'm talking about my favourite word, G R A T I T U D E. It's when that little something I have done for a struggling restaurant or an up and coming artist means something special to them and in return they share the love. That's what makes me happy.

Here is an email I received from a young artist.....

Thank you the fact you even responded and were able to get my name out there i'm absolutely thrilled. Thanks a lot thank you for making such an effort

This is what makes me happy. Tiny little gestures that, hopefully, will make a change to someone else.

Photo above: Instagram

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