Have You Ever Had an Out of Body Experience - OBE or NDE?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Out of body experience

An OBE - Out of Body Experience is defined as "your soul leaving your body when you are conscious", and NDE - Near Death Experience is when you are clinically dead, yet your conscious travels to another dimension.

I have had incredible experiences that have helped me realise that there is far more to us than our flesh and bones.

I can't remember the first time I had an Out of Body Experience, but I can describe what it is like to have them. I am usually half-awake, and it's always in the early hours of the morning. What happens with me is I hear an intense sound, complex to describe but something like a train maybe. Then I feel a sensation of pulling energy out through my head - the pressure is immense. I've never actually 'astral travelled' as such except to hover in my room. Gary, my late brother, told me he used to Astral travel and went to another dimension where he saw colours so vivid he could not describe them here on earth. He used those colours he saw to mix his colours in his paintings, like the one below.