Have You Ever Had an Out of Body Experience - OBE or NDE?

An OBE - Out of Body Experience is defined as "your soul leaving your body when you are conscious" and and NDE - Near Death Experience is when you are clinically dead yet your conscious travels to another dimension.

Personally, I have had incredible experiences that have helped me realise that there is far more to us than our flesh and bones.

I can't remember the first time I had an Out of Body Experience, but I can describe what it is like to have them. I am usually half awake and it's always in the early hours of the morning. What happens with me is I hear an intense sound, hard to describe but something like a train maybe. Then I feel a sensation of pulling energy out through my head - the pressure is immense. I've never actually 'astral travelled' as such except to hover in my room. My late brother, Gary, told me he used to Astral travel and go to another dimension where he saw colours so vivid he could not describe them here on earth. What he did do though was use those colours he saw to mix his own colours in his paintings. Like the one below.

I remember one particular time this was happening to me and I was in bed with my then four year old daughter, Emma. We had travelled to Western Australia for a wedding and Emma was sick so I slept in her bed with her. At around 5.00 am I started to have an Out of Body Experience and Emma actually reached out to me and said in a firm voice "NO", I have never forgotten that time.

Another time was when I was having a general anaesthetic and during the procedure I left my body and was part of the Universe. All I can tell you was it was like a huge colourful 'Leggo' structure with everything perfectly and mathematically aligned. I also remember a distinct 'tap tap tap' noise but I have no idea what it was. During this OBE or maybe NDE (Near Death Experience) I also met what I think you would call "God"; not as a person but an energy. During this 'visit' I knew everything about the Universe and why we are here. I was also told that I would remember that I 'knew everything' but I would not remember what it was that I knew when I came back. This was about 20 years ago and I vividly remember every part of this experience. You can read my story on the official NDERF site.

I think I have read nearly every book written on Near Death Experiences. It's a fascinating subject and I am particularly interested in children who have had an Near Death Experience, as they are not filled with preconceived ideas or beliefs.

One profound OBE I had was on a very hot night and I had a lot of trouble sleeping. At around 3.00 am I decided to meditate and listened to a deep meditation track. During the meditation I felt a shift in my body; almost like a change of vibration. I also saw in my mind's eye beautiful colours of gold, emeralds and sapphires. Once I actually fell asleep I had a rude awakening with an intense OBE starting. I opened my eyes and could not control what happening to me. I felt myself lift out of my body and hover above and my whole body was shaking. I wasn't scared; not at all. It kept happening for about 10 minutes, and then I had enough so somehow willed it to stop and I got out of bed. I wasn't shaking, I wasn't frightened; if anything, I felt a major shift had happened to me in a spiritual way. I did have a heavy pressure on the crown of my head for about 15 minutes after.

I know I'm not only person who has these type of experiences because it is quite common. I'm not sure why it happens but as I said in the beginning of this post, it makes me believe that there is more to life than the physical. That gives me hope that I will see my mum and my brother again one day.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has had a similar experience.

Here's a video I made of all Gary's painting. We were writing a children's book together before he took his life. The book was called "If I could".

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