Happiness is a State of Mind

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

happiness is a state of mind

If happiness is a state of mind then why are many people unhappy? The truth is when we say a state of mind; it is what thoughts you feed your mind that brings up what emotions you will feel.

We all strive to be happy because feeling angry, sad, depressed or jealous does not feel good, and when we don't feel good, we don't attract good things to us. Everyone deserves to feel happiness. Of course, there are times when it is impossible to feel happy, e.g., illness, grieving, or financial difficulties, to name a few.

So let's ask the question, 'What is happiness?'

As a child, I remember the simple joy of playing in the vines and bushes behind our property in New Zealand brought me great happiness. That feeling of bliss was so easy to achieve in those early years. As I grew older and became an adult, it sometimes was harder to feel happy all the time. Mainly because I have never really fitted into other people's rules; I've always been rebellious.

Bad things happen; that's a fact.

When bad things happen, it is hard to stay focused on happiness. When my brother committed suicide in 1998, my whole world fell apart for many years. It brought me indescribable sorrow. Losing my parents was also challenging, although they lived until old age. Both had severe illnesses, which made it less traumatic than losing my then 34-year-old brother.

My brother, Gary, often asked me what it felt like to be happy. He suffered from debilitating depression, and the only way out for him was to exit this life. I do attribute my positive belief system to Gary in a way. He introduced me to the Law of Attraction and Louise Hay's book; You Can Heal Your Life. (*affiliate link) Unfortunately, Gary never did master the art of positive thinking.

Happiness is a State of Mind

Those who are always seeking and never appreciating the moment right now may find it a struggle to find happiness. Gratitude is known to be an essential part of being happy. If you find it hard to feel gratitude, for example, because you don't have the car you want, bring awareness to the people you love. Imagine if you didn't have those people or the house you already have, the vehicle you drive. You already have amazing things to be grateful for having. It is hard to feel gloomy and thankful simultaneously, so concentrate thinking on gratitude.

As I type this, I desire a new car as the one I am driving now isn't large enough for the country driving I do. I know the new car will come; however, I am thankful that my current vehicle gets me to where I need each time I drive it.

Ways to find happiness.

As the heading to this article suggests, happiness is a state of mind. What you feed your mind is the key. It doesn't have to be a challenge to be happy. It is a matter of stopping, breathing and focusing your thoughts on good things such as gratitude, hope, and using your imagination. I have written more about this in the free ebook; you can download it by subscribing.

Being happy is about you, not what others expect. Live your life for yourself! I often use a tool I call 'flip switch', meaning that whenever I start thinking something negative, I flip the thought to the opposite. For instance, say you worry about paying the bills and start thinking about how it feels like to pay your bills on time. Or another example, if you are not happy with your weight, flip the thought and imagine how you would feel if you were at your desired weight. Then take action!

Happiness is a state of mind!


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