Handmade Lavender Hand Scrub

Do you love the smell of lavender? It has been one of my favourite essential oils since I was young. With so many chemicals in everything we buy these days, I decided to take the low tox journey, especially as I have Crohn's Disease and I try everything to give my body a chance to heal so going low tox makes perfect sense.

One of my favourite things to make is my own hand and body scrub. It is so easy and inexpensive using only a few ingredients. This particular hand scrub will leave your hands feeling soft and smelling divine. You can use it in the shower and/or leave a glass next to the sink to use when your hands need some TLC.

I've made this one with Young Living's Lavender and PanAway essential oils, however you can use the basic ingredients then decide on what oils you prefer.

A bit about Young Living's PanAway essential oil.

Containing wintergreen and clove essential oils, PanAway is often used for massage or after exercise. Please note this oil must never be ingested. PanAway is a blend that has a refreshing scent, and is particularly uplifting during moments of tiredness both mentally and physically. The aroma is stimulating and refreshing. Try using PanAway to cool the skin after physical activity. It is also excellent for shoulders, neck and scalp.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, Peppermint.

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Note: Only use dried lavender flowers.

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