Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Her Garden

Growing herbs is easy and can be done either inside or outside. There is nothing nicer than snipping a few of your own home grown herbs on to your pasta, scrambled eggs, fish or whatever else you need desire.


I Prefer to buy organic seeds and to grow the plants without artificial fertilizers.

You will need:

Garden pots depending on how many herbs you want to grow

Potting mix

Pebbles for drainage


Fertilizer (I use Fish Emulsion)

A sunny spot by the window

Optional but a good idea (indoor composter)

Use pots that have good drainage trays to prevent water spilling. Place a single layer of pebbles on the bottom of the pot. Top with your potting mix to the rim. Sprinkle the seeds on top and gently pat them down to cover with soil. Add water. Place in a sunny spot and water daily. I fertilise twice a month with Fish Emulsion.

If you go for the indoor composter you will have beautiful organic mulch that you can put on top of your herbs that will also help to fertilise them.


You could also buy an Urbipod by Urbotanica. I have one in my house and it provides me with beautiful herbs all year. The Urbipod is is self watering and has LED lighting to keep the exact amount of light needed to grow your herbs quickly.

Outdoor Herb Garden


If growing in pots then use the same method as above, however you can use much larger pots outside. Your herb garden will need to be in a sunny spot.

When growing in the ground you might consider placing railway sleepers around the garden. Or plant them in a crate. Of course you can choose a sunny spot anywhere in the garden to grow herbs.

Dig you garden bed and add compost (you can buy this in bags if you don't have your own). Make sure the soil is good quality, if not then consider purchasing a delivery from a garden supply store.

The cheaper option is to buy seeds however for outdoor gardening I prefer to buy established seedlings to plant. Plant your seeds or seedlings making sure to space as directed on the packet. Once they have in the ground give them a water. Place some mulch around the seedlings (available at garden supplies). This will help keep the soil moist. If planting seeds leave this step until they are established.

Fertilise the seedlings as instructed on the fertiliser you buy.

If you are living in an area with possums they can be a problem so you may need to consider placing some stakes around the bed and cover with some netting.

Ways to grow herbs