Green Smoothies With Citrus

I've become a bit of a green smoothie junkie lately, especially since I've been eliminating things I shouldn't be digesting from my diet, or at least drastically cutting down on them. In just under a week I detoxed so badly that I spent 3 days in total fatigue, went to bed at 7.00 pm I was so exhausted, although I did toss and turn most of the nights. During those three nights I had dreadful night sweats that caused me to think I might have something sinister going on inside my body and developed a terrible and painful rash on my torso. Today is Day 6 and ta da, I feel amazing. The rash is still there but no longer itching and clearing. I've also lost about 1.5 kg (I have a fast metabolism though).

I haven't been on a total detox but I have decreased sugar and I have increased greens through these five different smoothies. I am amazed at what a few days can do to make your feel energised and your skin glowing again. So with blender, almond milk and baby spinach I've been experimenting making smoothies with citrus.


The basic ingredients on each one is baby spinach leaves and no sugar almond milk. Now what you need to get in your head that this isn't 'dairy milk' or anything like it, it's derived from nuts so it's ok to mix citrus and spinach with it. In fact, you will be surprised how tasty these smoothies are.