Green Smoothies With Citrus

I've become a bit of a green smoothie junkie lately, especially since I've been eliminating things I shouldn't be digesting from my diet, or at least drastically cutting down on them. In just under a week I detoxed so badly that I spent 3 days in total fatigue, went to bed at 7.00 pm I was so exhausted, although I did toss and turn most of the nights. During those three nights I had dreadful night sweats that caused me to think I might have something sinister going on inside my body and developed a terrible and painful rash on my torso. Today is Day 6 and ta da, I feel amazing. The rash is still there but no longer itching and clearing. I've also lost about 1.5 kg (I have a fast metabolism though).

I haven't been on a total detox but I have decreased sugar and I have increased greens through these five different smoothies. I am amazed at what a few days can do to make your feel energised and your skin glowing again. So with blender, almond milk and baby spinach I've been experimenting making smoothies with citrus.


The basic ingredients on each one is baby spinach leaves and no sugar almond milk. Now what you need to get in your head that this isn't 'dairy milk' or anything like it, it's derived from nuts so it's ok to mix citrus and spinach with it. In fact, you will be surprised how tasty these smoothies are.

You need a Nutribullet or similar equipment.

Each Smoothie needs baby spinach leaves into the Nutribullet first and a cup of Almond Milk set aside to add last to the mix.

Fill your Nutribullet with spinach leaves as per below photo. Don't compact them. For added nutrients you can always add some microgreens as well but keep away from the peppery ones as they may spoil the taste.


Add one peeled orange and three strawberries (stalk removed) to your spinach. Add in the almond milk and blend until smooth. Make sure all the pith is removed from the orange.

Orange and strawberry green smoothie


Add a whole (small mandarin) or half a large one as per my photo (peel no pith). If you want more mandarin flavour experiment by adding maybe another half or full mandarin. Add a slither of ginger that you have chopped up. Again, for more ginger flavour experiment until you get the taste perfect for you.


Peel and pith one grapefruit and half a lime. Add these to the spinach, add the milk and blend. This is a very tangy smoothie.


Kiwi Fruit is not a citrus however the lemon gives it that citrus tang. This is quite a tangy smoothie as well. One peeled and chopped Kiwi Fruit and about 1/8 of a lemon, peeled and pithed. You can see how much lemon I used from the photo below.

Green smoothies are fun to experiment with so take my basic recipes and enhance to your own style and taste. I love green smoothies because they are easy to make, you get maximum nutrients and they taste great.