Gratitude: A story of 'what if'

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I imagined what if I had died, and my soul had gone to the Big Pearly Gates and God, Source, Creator or whatever you call the entity that is responsible for this Universe said to me: “Well Deb, how was it down there?” I replied, “Not bad really, but I spent a lot of time being unhappy because I let too many things worry me, like grey skies, people who let me down, trains being late, traffic jams, you know what I mean God”. Then God replied “Well that was a bit of a waste of time then wasn’t it, you were supposed to enjoy that life, be creative with problems and turn them into adventures, look for the good in everyone, cherish the time with your loved ones and be happy”. I gave that some thought and said, “Hmmm, yes it was a waste, I could have spent my time being happier, enjoying people, being in love, stopping to watch the sky for 5 minutes, cherishing the people I loved rather than getting annoyed at them because they didn’t do things exactly my way, you have a point there God”.

We looked at each other for a while and I said: “If I could do it all over again, I would wake up in gratitude that I was on Earth having this big adventure, I would cherish every minute with my loved ones and friends, I would be less selfish, I would laugh more and I wouldn’t have put having material things before people”. God nodded in agreement. Then I said, “I better go back and fix up that mess”. God shook his head side to side and said “Deb, it’s too late, that time down there was your chance at an adventure, no matter what the circumstances you were supposed to use your life to create positive changes, no matter how little”.

I thought about this and said “Well what about the people in wars, what about the children born with disabilities, what about all the horrible things that go on down there?” God smiled and said “It’s all about evolving, every experience on Earth is about developing your spirit, and even though some dreadful things are happening, the world is waking up. Out of darkness always comes light, and the souls who have chosen a life of hardship have done so to help the planet evolve”. I frowned and looked at God and said “That doesn’t seem fair to me”, which he replied. “Look around you now, everything