Goodbye dad, I will see you again in heaven

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Dad with tears in his eyes at mum's grave

Death comes to us all. There is no escape and it's unfortunate that we live in such fear of it. I don't fear my own death, in fact, earlier this year I came close to it with a serious complication of Crohn's Disease. What I do fear, is losing my loved ones, and to date, I've lost three of my family, the first being my beautiful brother, Gary, who took his own life.

My father and I had many conversations about death in the last two years of his life, and especially in the last few months. We both had our theories on where we go. Dad surprised me with one theory that he often discussed with me. He felt we may all be food for Aliens, not our physical body, but that somehow they feed off our energy. This blew my socks off coming from this 85 year old Irishman that would never entertain the thought of such things in his younger days. And, it is food for thought!

Eddie Doran left this planet just over a month ago at the time of writing this story, on the 28th September 2019 at around 5.30 a.m. The sneaky bugger slipped out quietly.

I miss him terribly.

On the afternoon before he died he was sent from the hospital to palliative care. I am lucky enough that I live across the road from the hospice and aged-care facility. My brother, Kevin, and, his wife, Mayu, were with me on the night he died as well as his long-lost friend, Carmel, who actually escorted dad in the ambulance to palliative so we could be at the other end when he arrived. Carmel stayed until 8.00 pm then left us to settle dad in.