Four Morning Habits To Help Make Your Day Happy

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut of not wanting to get up and go to work, even I have those days and I work for myself; in fact my office is in my house. What I have found in my life is that when I am organized and stick to a routine in the mornings, things seem to flow the right way during the day.


These are my tips on setting good morning rituals.


As soon as that alarm bell goes off, jump out of bed with excitement. Now I know that can be really hard, but like everything, do it for 21 days and it will soon become a habit.


You may have to set that alarm a bit earlier to fit in some meditation, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. I’ve always had a habit of reading social media and the news before getting out of bed, but I broke that bad habit and now I meditate first. By doing this, your head isn’t full of chatter and negative energy from what you have read in the news.

Meditation Chakras


If you don’t have time to exercise in the morning, at least make time in the evening. I find doing yoga after meditation flows really nicely. I also choose to walk as much as I can and waking too, can be a form of meditation.


Personally, I spend about 15 minutes a day typing out my affirmations, desires, gratitude and describe how I feel. My practice is to always try and feel uplifted and happy because it’s those vibes that attract opportunities and good things into your life. If you are not feeling happy then most likely you will notice things just don’t seem to flow.

This is what I write down every day:

Today I am grateful for...... I write at least twenty things that I am grateful for

My affirmations for today.....I write five affirmations and repeat during the day

Evidence for today.....This is where I write good things that have happened to me because of my good vibes

My desires.....I love this one, it's where I imagine all the good things I want to happen in my life as if they have already happened

How are you feeling?....This is where I describe how I am feeling. Remember feelings are what makes things attracted to your life whether they are good or bad. Bad feelings attract negative energy and good feelings attract positive energy. Write down how you are feeling even if it's a negative feeling and try to understand why you are feeling that way. Maybe you just need to 'flip the switch' in other words change your thoughts to something happier. It takes practice but if you stick with it good vibes will happen.

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